Development Communication & Extension (DCE)

Annual Events

Department of Development Communication and Extension organizes the following annual events. These include International Women’s Day, National Literacy Day, Yuva Shakti Mela and Raushni Deshpande Memorial Oration and Symposium in the Department.
  1. Raushni Deshpande Memorial Oration and Symposium-
    • 1999-2000-Dr.Abdul Waheed Khan,Vice-Chancellor IGNOU
    • 2000-2001-Prof. M.S. Swaminathan, Chairperson, Swaminathan Foundation
    • 2001-2002- Dr. Francois Farah, UNFPA Representative, INDIA
    • 2002-2003-Dr.S.Y.Quraishi, Director General, Doordarshan
    • 2003-2004-Prof. Jan Servaes, University of Queensland, Australia
    • 2004-2005-Prof.Arvind Singhal, University of Ohio,USA
    • 2005-2006-Ms.Aruna Roy, Eminent Social Activist
    • 2006-2007-Dr.Vandana Shiva, Director, Navdanya
    • 2007-2008-Ms.Medha Patkar, Social Activist
    • 2008-2009-Dr. R.K.Pauchari, Chairperson, IPCC
    • 2009-2010- Mr. Paolo Mefalopolus, Chief of Communication, UNICEF
  2. International Literacy Day
  3. International Women's Day
  4. Yuva Shakti Mela
  5. Task Force Meeting
  6. CAS Chair

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