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Yuva Shakti Mela

Undergraduate and post graduate students organised the annual mela "Yuva Shakti Mela" on 23rd March 2017 in college campus for adult learners participating in the "Each One Enable One" programme of the department. While organizing the event, students put up information kiosk based on several development issues with the prime objective to create awareness among their learners and sensitize them to take adequate actions to improve their quality of life. They prepared banners, audio-visual aids, games and mobiles for 30-35 information kiosks. They mobilised nearly 200 adolescents, youth and women belonging to the marginalised groups. Ms Sonali Khan, Vice President , Breakthrough was the guest for the event.

Film Appreciation Club – 'Pratibimb'

As part of the department film appreciation club 'Pratibimbh'screening for Waiting For Godot was organised on 6th March 2017 in association with Sangeet Natak academy. The screening was attended by the postgraduate and undergraduate students of the department.

Orientation Programme

The orientation programme for the MSc Previous was held on 8th August 2016. The faculty and the invited alumni of the department working as professionals in various organisations discussed about the curriculum and the job opportunities in the field of Development Communication & Extension.

Celebration of International Women's Day

The Department celebrated International Women's Day on 6th March 2017. A street play performance on gender violence by Jan Natya Manch was organised in the college premises and was attended by students, faculty and non teaching staff of the college. The performance was followed by discussion on various forms of violence faced by women.

Short term course on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The department initiated a short term course on Corporate Social responsibility with Business and Community Foundation, New Delhi in October 2016. Business and Community Foundation is a certified CSR training organization recognised by the Institute of Charted Accountants of India. Several experts were invited to interact with the students and share their experiences with respect to CSR.Studentssubmitted a business project proposal at the end of the course. Certificate was awarded after successful completion of the course. The course provided insights about the evolution of CSR, types of CSR, business case studies for CSR, actors and drivers, governance and CSR.


Workshop on Mental Health Awareness by Mind Piper

Mind Piper is a social enterprise that currently offers workshops around mental health awareness and therapy through various channels such as over a call, video-call, or in person. They follow a holistic approach to mental health laying equal emphasis on the treatment of mental illness as on the fostering of well-being. The Department organised workshop on 23rd August 2016 for the masters students.

Workshop on Digital Storytelling by ZMQ
Department organised a training workshop on 8th September 2016 on Digital Storytelling as a tool for Development Communication by the organization ZMQ. Students understood the concept of under-served rural communities who have no tools and content in their hands to manage their Health. And hence, Digital storytelling can revolutionize in building healthy behaviors through contextual story-telling. ZMQ has established a mobile-based digital story teller called Your Story Teller as new messaging tool. ZMQ Development is a non-profit organization which creates and implements practical technology linked tools & solutions to empower communities by providing timely information.

Workshop on Comics by Sharad Sharma
Department organised a workshop in September 2016 on Comics as a tool for Development Communication by Mr Sharad Sharma, founder of World Comics India. Students created several comics posters and created digital stories on the theme 'NorthEast#NoStereotypes' to create awareness about stereotypes about citizens from North-East India.

Session on life skills by Dr. Mridula Seth
A session on the life skills was held in the department on 7th September 2016. Dr. Mridula Seth, former faculty of the Department emphasized on how peer mentoring can be effective in developing life skills for marginalized youth.

Session on Traditional folk media by Dr. Anjali Capila The department organised a session on Traditional Folk Media on 1st September 2016 September 2016 by Dr Anjali Capila, Former Faculty of the Department. She spoke about blending Traditional Folk Media with Modern Media. She also reviewed the entertainment situations and institutions like Traditional folk theaters of rural dramatic forms including tribal mimos, dance-dramas and also puppetry.

Session on Mental health and life skills by Dr. Shekhar Seshadri from NIMHANS Banglore
A session with Dr Shekhar Seshadri, Child Psychiatrist and Additional Professor at the Department of Psychiatry at NIMHANS was organized in the department on 23rd September 2016. The session was attended by the postgraduate and undergraduate students. He spoke about his work in child and adolescent mental health, including mental handicap, with a particular emphasis on adolescent therapy and adolescent sexuality. He shared his researches and other works on gender and sexuality in the context of child sexual abuse and violence against women; and his involvement in workshop design, direct intervention, and training of counsellors.

Session by Professor Shri Ram Khanna on Organisation and Funding
Prof. Sri Ram Khanna, Managing Trustee of Consumer VOICE, Consumer Association at Delhi University was invited for a session on 27th October 2016. He spoke about the widespread economic disparity, low education and ignorance in India, and how educating consumers about their rights remains a gigantic task.

Workshop on by Springboard
Springboard for Health Communication professionals held a workshop for the MSc Final and the MSc Previous students on 4th November 2016. The workshop was all about sharing social and behavior change communication knowledge, experiences and resources with the postgraduate and undergraduate students of the department.

Lecture by Prof. R Srinivas Melkote, Ohio University, USA
Professor Srinivas R. Melkote delivered a lecture on Development Communication for Empowerment and Social Justice in Global World on 7th December 2016 . The lecture was attended by undergraduate and postgraduate students of department. Prof Melkote talked about how the different countries fit in the parameters of inequality globally and the importance of Development Communication in addressing the same.

Lecture by Prof Arvind Singhal, University of El Paso, Texas, USA
A lecture by Prof Arvind Singhal, University of El Paso, Texas, USA on Communicative Khichdi of Social Change on 4th January 2017 was attended by the undergraduate and post graduate students of the department. Prof Singhal talked about presumed scripts in our minds and the need to change it in order to take people along with us. He emphasized on the fact that the assumed and expected behaviour should be changed to break the hierarchy in relations but to form cordial and friendly relations with colleagues and acquaintances.

Session on Monitoring & Evaluation, NASSCOM Foundation
A session on Monitoring and Evaluation was conducted by Ajaz Lone,NASSCOM Foundation on 17th February 2017.The masters students were exposed to the concept of working with program managers and state implementation teams to facilitate and conduct routine monitoring and evaluation for projects implemented; conduct baseline, midterm and endline survey, plan for and facilitate process monitoring design of data collection tools, sample size and methodology of data collection.

Workshop on Wall Writing by AkritiVerma
A wall writing workshop was organized for undergraduate and postgraduate students of the department in March 2017. Ms AkritiVerma from CreatifAdda was the resource person for the workshop. The session ended with all groups making one wall writing on a development issue. Three best wall writings were selected and Certificates of Appreciation were given to the students. The students from 1st Year, 3rd Year, MSc Final and MSc Previous participated in the workshop.

Seminar on Environment by Centre for Environmental Health, PHFI
To make the students understand and to address the environmental health burden of disease in India, the Centre for Environmental Health along with Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) held the seminar on 27th March 2017. The seminar was conducted with a vision to orient students towards strengthening India's public health institutional capability and provide knowledge to achieve better health outcomes for all.

Session by Ms Manjari on Digital Campaign (Greenpeace)
Ms Manjari Sharma, alumna of the department, and now a Digital Engagement Campaigner, Greenpeace India visited the department on 5th April 2017. She held a session with the MSc Final, MSc Previous and lead them to develop & implement digital engagement strategies and tactics for assigned campaigns & projects and to contribute to other digital strategies.

Lecture on Gender Budgeting by Dr Bhumika Jhamb,UN Women
Dr Bhumika Jhamb, alumna of the department, and presently Programme Officer, UN Women, Delhi was invited for a session with the postgraduate students on 19th April 2017. Her session was about the Gender responsive budgeting in India which has been in practice from the last ten years. She spoke in length about the assessment done on the Gender responsive budgeting in India for the current Financial Budget.

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