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Human Development and Childhood Studies (HDCS)


The programme structure and environment encourages research, scholarship and outreach opportunities to contribute to the field. The various courses offered in the Department enable students to:
  • Study the domains of human development from the life span perspective
  • Examine the interaction between the child and the socio-cultural systems, including educational settings
  • Promote competence in scientific study, research in the field, and the use of relevant assessment measures for children
  • Develop sensitivity and skills in working with children and families
  • Acquire working knowledge in counselling children and families
  • Plan and implement programmes for children
  • Create awareness about children and families living in difficult circumstances
  • Provide students with a situated career exposure through internships and placements.


Human Development and Childhood Studies is a multidisciplinary department devoted to understanding the nature of human development across the lifespan in a culturally diverse, changing and complex world. Our endeavour is to apply contextual and systemic frameworks to the study of development and relationship processes through research, teaching and application.

The Department engages students in a curriculum that values and supports interdisciplinary perspectives and combines classroom learning with field opportunities. There is a special emphasis on the study of heterogeneity among children and adults in varied settings.

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