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Resource Management & Design Application (RMDA)


The post-graduate department of Resource Management and Design Application (RMDA) is focusing on the management of various resources human, material and natural. Management of these resources is integrated with design functions. The curriculum not only includes creating design for spaces, products and services but also analyzing and evaluating design with respect to human-well being, health, happiness and a sustainable environment. The course offers specialization the areas of Space and Product Design, Environment Management and Sustainable Development, Consumer Studies & Training and Development wherein industry specific core competencies are developed.

Students are provided academic inputs through the course curriculum as well as through experiential learning in relevant areas to enrich the theoretical base. Dissertation, seminar, internship and placement are essential components of the programme.


Empowerment through knowledge and skills towards management of personal, family, community and shared resources for creation of sensitive, self-sustaining and aesthetic living environment.

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