Lady Irwin College

University of Delhi
NAAC Accredation A+ | NIRF Ranking 24



The large rectangular patches of land flanking both the sides of the main building  provide a very aesthetic face to the institution. The front lawn, appears a canvas of dense velvety green grass, framed by trees along the breadth and flower laden plants along it’s length. The front lawn seems like occupying the position of King, surrounded by courtyards as beautiful flowerbeds are made around it. The canvas gets vibrant paintings made everyday by the flocking students relaxing during the breaks, or revising papers before the exams. Occasionally the lawns also become a part of the college memoirs by hosting the major events like the Annual Founders’ Day, Students Annual Festivals, National Festivals like Independence Day etc. The planned huge area for the lawn also establishes its importance in sustainable development by acting as an efficient water table recharge point, thereby reducing the surface runoff otherwise seen in concretized complexes.

The back lawn is equally important, for the variety of activities it is a witness to.  Directly facing the students’ hostels, it is a good relaxing point for the students during  their non study hours. The daily sport activities and the Annual Sports Day event is also conducted efficiently in the lawn cum field that we have in the college. It also efficiently acts as a functional separation between the residential hostel and the college main building. There is lawn in front of the Directors’ Bungalow, where different varieties of rose plants are planted and it is a treat to view when they are in full bloom. In its entirety the lawns also allow for various birds sighting on the trees and the diverse butterflies hovering around the flowers. All in all, lawns act as a buffering space and bring in vibrant energy to the smooth transaction of college activities.

Lawns available at Lady Irwin College

Sr No. Lawns No.
1 Front lawn 1
2 Back Lawn/Sports Field 1
3 Director’s Lawn (front)/ Rose Garden 1
4 Director’s Lawn (Back) 1
5 PG Hostel Lawn 1
6 HDCS Department Lawn 1
7 DSA Lawn near Porta Cabin 1
8 Horticultural Field 1
9 Lawn Tennis 1


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