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QUINTESSENCE – Annual Cultural Festival – 2020

Adjudged in the top ten list of ‘most sought after’ students’ festival of Delhi University time and again, the year ended with students working towards making the annual cultural festival Quintessence yet again a memorable and a successful event. It was a two-day spectacle held on February 19- 20, 2020 on a theme ‘A Montage to Neo-Decade’ thus signifying joining pieces bit by bit to create a new decade packed with wonderful memories and experiences, a daunting legacy to carry forward. The Students’ Association of the college kicked off the final week countdown to the much awaited extravaganza by releasing the official logo and pre festival teaser. The college was adorned with illustrations and all kinds of colorful hangings clearly depicting the festival theme. The Festival was inaugurated by Mr. S.K. Wadhera, Deputy General Manager, State Bank of India and Mr. Vijay Verma, Marketing Manager, Sparx who declared the festival open along with our Honorable Director Dr. Anupa Siddhu.

A charged atmosphere was complemented by a line up of competitions and events from Wombola to Alomorah, from Naturaleza to Rango ki Leela, from Swarigini to Ala mode, from Cinescope to Photography exhibition, from Shayyari to Juggad, From Street Dance to Taalmel, from Environment hunt to khabar- e- Pehnawa, from Hannah Sen Memorial Debate to Group Dance Vyam, from Yatharth To Aqueeda Jam that compelled the youth to immerse in this celebration. It was well organized with about 25 stalls for food, accessories, cosmetics, stationary, etc. The Association managed to get good sponsorship for the festival with State Bank of India as Gold sponsor, Sparx as Silver sponsor and numerous other sponsors. The prime attraction of day one of the festival was a breathtaking and foot tapping DJ night by artist DJ Carnivore. Excitement reached its zenith when the much awaited performance by Mohit Chauhan and his band commenced on day two. Amidst an unprecedented footfall but under CCTV surveillance and tight security, the electrifying performance by the lead artist pulled the crowd into a trance with his magnetic charm and his soulful tracks. Quintessence’20 was a grand success and was organized with the permission from various central authorities under the Casual Performance

License (CPL). The festival was covered by the Delhi Times Newspaper. Living up to the expectations, the Students’ Association of the college did a commendable job in organizing the event.

Students had their share of excitement and triumph. The success of this year-long journey has been the well coordinated efforts of all the students along with immense cooperation from Teaching, Non Teaching Staff and Hostel Student Association throughout the year and the unwavering support and guidance of our College Director.


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