Lady Irwin College

University of Delhi
NAAC Accredation A+ | NIRF Ranking 24



The sports society of Lady Irwin College not only aims to prepare first-class fitness enthusiasts but also focuses on diverse programs that inspire leadership, teamwork and resilience among its students, thereby profoundly impacting our society in meaningful ways.

Convenor – Sports Society

Contact – Please see Staff Council Committee


  • Infrastructure
Details of infrastructure for sports Area Description of activity


Sports Ground


50 x 20 meters

Activities: Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Net Ball, Yoga Classes, Base Ball, Athletics, NCC Parade, Cricket, Hand Ball

Sports Room


6.10 x 4.25 meters Twister, Tread mill, Front Pulley, Abdominal Board, Bench Press
Badminton Court 13.4 x 6.1 meters
Basketball Court 28.7 x 15.2 meters
Volleyball 18 x 9 meters
Tennis Court 23.77 x 8.23 meters
Other Indoor Sports Facilities Such as Chess, Carom, Sports Classes.


  • Morning training sessions.
  • Training sessions under a specialized coach.
  • Daily refreshments for the players after practice sessions.
  • Playing kits for the players.
  • Provides all sports equipment.
  • The society conducts Annual Sports Day, wherein teaching as well as non-teaching staff and B.Ed. department also takes part in the competitions. Scholarships and awards are also presented to the players on the basis of their achievements.
  • The society also conducts the Freshers Talent Contest to nurture and identify the talent in the freshers.
  • College provides the entry fees for the tournaments to the players.
  • Participation of the college team in various intercollege events such as Delhi State Tournament, etc.
  • During the times of pandemic, the society conducted various informative webinars on the topic such as Menstruation, Nutrition, Zumba to spread awareness and to enlighten the audience.
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