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Lady Irwin College Library exists to support undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research in the field of Home Science. Having a specialized collection in the area of Home Science  and its allied areas, library pursues higher value of knowledge, creativity, wisdom and empowers its users to be connected with literature published/available in the field through its collection and  networks. Founded in 1930’s, today the library has grown into a separate building covering 500 sq. meters of area with one and a half-storey located in the premises of the college.This separate building was constructed in 1958.


In 2009–10, the library building was renovated with latest ICT requirements, retaining the ambience of its heritage structure and making it energy efficient. The renovated building was  inaugurated on 13th April, 2010.

The Library is fully automated with –

  • Reading cum Conference Hall
  • Fiber Optic 24×7 connectivity
  • Wi fi enabled building
  • Air Conditioned Conference Hall
  • Internet work stations with 40 computers
  • E Resource Centre
  • Big Reading Hall
  • 120 seating capacity
  • Thesis and dissertation room


  • State-of-art library and information services conducive for academic enrichment as well as  social and personal development of students, faculty and staff of the college;
  • Providing resources (printed and electronic) for the courses offered by the college;
  • Providing strong database for academics and research in field of Home Science and allied areas.
  • Online cyber linkage with worldwide national and international networks and universities and  research institutions
Dr. Simmi Bhagat
Library Incharge
Ms. Neha Singhal
Professional Assistant
Mr. Shiv Rattan
Jr. Lib. Information Asst.
Mr. Jyoti Prakash
Jr. Lib. Information Asst.
Mr. Narayan Singh Bisht
Library Attendant
Mr. Kamal Giri
Library Attendant
Mr. Manish Panwar
Library Attendant

Founded with few gifted books, library has grown today with more than 57,000 published documents and above 200 electronic documents. As on date, library is subscribing to the following :

  • 73 journals of academic nature published in India and overseas.
  • 2750+ research works (Dissertations and Thesis) of faculty and students
  • A collection of more than 8000 bound back files of periodicals.
Phone No.: 011- 23350178

Lady Irwin College Library keeps pace with modern technology. Since 2005, library is fullyautomated with all its subsystems. College Library at present is using ‘Web Centric LIBSYS – version 10’ Integrated Library Management Software on LINUX-REDHAT Enterprise platform with 13 clients attached to it. Database of all Library holdings (books, Periodicals, and research works) is available on OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) for searches by Author, Title, Keywords etc. Library OPAC is available 24×7 from any internet enabled device. Users can go to URL – and search the library database for books, journals and dissertations. Bar code technology is used for circulation of documents. Library is Member of DELNET family since 2000 and gives DELNET surfing and service facilities to Faculty and Research Scholars and Students. At present library is providing access to more than 90 DULS/UGC subscribed databases through Wi-Fi and Fiber Optic connectivity along with N-LIST, DELNET and Open Access databases. Library also facilitates digitization, text to audio conversion as well language translation of printed or handwritten documents with the help of KIBO device. Students can contact library staff to know the steps to use it. User Education programmes/Orientation programmes are also organized from time to time.
Futuristically library is looking forward to:

  • Web centric access for users
  • Adding more e-resources and databases
  • Installing 3 D security system
  • All students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses, faculty and non teaching staff are eligible for Library membership.
  • Students are requested to bring their college ID card, filled membership form and 2 Passport size photographs for library membership.
  • Research scholars are also enrolled as members by charging Library fee of Rs. 1,000/- per annum. Issue facilities are made available on the payment of Rs. 1,000/- as library security as  well.
  • Outside readers are also given membership (for consultation only) at the payment of Rs. 150/- per month or Rs. 1000/- for the year.
  • Membership is also extended to retired faculty of the college on the payment of Rs.500/- and  issuing facilities are also extended by charging Rs. 500/- as library security.
  • Circulation (issue/return) facilities to its members. Dissertations and Periodicals are not issued.
  • Reference & Reservation services
  • Bibliographical services as per need and demand
  • OPAC facilities (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • Plagiarism-checking facility
  • Fiber Optic connectivity for internet surfing;
  • Wi-Fi enabled library building;
  • Online search facilities of E-journals and Databases subscribed by DULS – Science Direct, Sage, Emerald; Wiley; Scopus; Web of Science; J-Store; Springer; Elsevier; Taylor & Francis and others.
  • Remote access to e-books and e-journals via N-List and DULS
  • DELNET (Developing Library Network) connectivity & services;
  • Inter-library loan facility for faculty and research scholars
  • Other National and International Network Connectivity in public domain viz: PubMed,  Google scholar, DOAJ, PLOS; etc
  • Organizing and providing user education programmes
  • Reprographic facilities (on contractual basis).
  1. DULS (Delhi University Library System): Lady Irwin College being affiliated to Delhi University, the college library provides access to e-Joumals, e-Shodh Sindhu, Shodh Ganga, e-books and e- Databases through Delhi University
    Library System (DULS) portal.
    1. Go to URL:
    2. Click on “E-journal databases”
    3. An alphabetical list of various E-resources/databases is given along with the link via which these databases can be accessed.Commonly useful ones: Science Direct, Springer, J-STOR, Emerald, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, Sage, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press etc.In case you need to access these e-resources remotely, you can visit the website and enter your registered username and password.
  2. DELNET (Developing Library Network): It is a network of libraries in Delhi as well as across India. Our college library being a member has
    access to
    •2,50,00,000+ books available for loan
    •40,000+ list of Journals
    •5000+ Full text E-journals
    •1,00,000+ Thesis/Dissertations
    To use this facility, kindly contact the library staff.
  3. N-List (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content): A college component of e-ShodhSindhu consortium with access to 6000+ journals, 1,64,300+ e-books and under N-List and 6,00,000 e-books through NDL.
  4. Open Access Resources: These can be accessed from anywhere. Some important OA resources include:
    • PubMed
    • Google Scholar
    • DOAJ
    • PLOS
    • NISCAIR Online Periodical Repository
    • Springer Open

5. E-Resources created by College faculty: The faculty of Lady Irwin College also creates e-resources in collaboration with external organizations.

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      • National Digital Library of India (NDL):  The National Digital library of India (NDLI) is a project under Ministry of Human Resource  Development, India. The objective is to integrate several national and international digital libraries  in one single web portal. The NDLI provides free of cost access to many books in English and the  Indian languages. Access can be made through web or via mobile app, available for Android at  Google Play.
      • E- PG Pathshala: e-PG Pathshala is an initiative of the MHRD under its National Mission on Education through ICT  (NME-ICT) being executed by the UGC. It is one portal under which High quality, curriculum-based, interactive content in different subjects across all disciplines of social sciences, arts, fine arts & humanities, natural & mathematical sciences, linguistics and languages are available.
      • Shodhganga: It is a repository of thesis and dissertations of all central and state universities, maintained by  INFLIBNET. It can be accessed by anyone free of cost. The aim to facilitate open access to Indian  theses and dissertations to the academic community world-wide.
      • Shodhgangotri: It is the repository of Indian Research in Progress (approved Synopses/Research Proposals for PhD  programme). The repository on one hand shows the trends and directions of research being  conducted in Indian universities, on the other hand it would avoid duplication of research.
      • MOOCs: MOOC stands for ‘’Massive Open Online Courses’’. These are courses provided online by reputed  Indian and foreign universities where anyone can enroll for free and learn at their own pace. Video  lectures form the core of MOOCs. Quizzes and assignments are also given out periodically. Some  major platforms are:
        1. Coursera (
        2. Udacity (
        3. edX (
        Some Indian platforms:
        1. National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) (
        2. Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM)
        3. EduKart (
        Students can enroll and supplement their academic knowledge and sharpen skills.
      • REFERENCE MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Reference management tools is software for scholars and authors to use for recording and utilizing  bibliographic citations (references) as well as managing project references either as a company or  an individual. Following are few examples of commonly used ones:
        1. Mendeley is a desktop and web program produced by Elsevier for managing and sharing  research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online. It combines Mendeley  Desktop, a PDF and reference management application. Upon registration, Mendeley provides  the user with 2 GB of free web storage space, which is upgradeable at a cost.
        2. EndNote is a commercial reference management software package, used to  manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles. It is produced  by Clarivate Analytics (previously by Thomson Reuters).
        3. Zotero It is a free and open-source reference management software to manage bibliographic  data and related research materials (such as PDF files).
      • क्विलबोट के लिए ट्रायल एक्सेस: लाइब्रेरी क्विलबोट (QuillBot) को ट्रायल प्रीमियम एक्सेस प्रदान कर रही है – एक अकादमिक लेखन AI प्लेटफॉर्म जो सभी के लिए उपयोगी है – चाहे आप ईमेल, निबंध, केस स्टडी, ब्लॉग या प्रोजेक्ट लिखते हों। इसमें निम्नलिखित विशेषताएं हैं
        व्याकरण परीक्षक: सही व्याकरण, वर्तनी जाँच, विराम चिह्न की जाँच करें, व्याकरण संबंधी त्रुटियों की एक भीड़ को ठीक करें
        पैराफ्रेशिंग (Paraphraser): QuillBot का पैराफ्रेशिंग टूल AI का उपयोग करके किसी भी वाक्य, पैराग्राफ या लेख को फिर से लिखने और बेहतर बनाने में मदद करता है।
        सारांश: QuillBot का सारांश लेख, कागजात, या दस्तावेज़ों को मुख्य बिंदुओं तक तुरंत दो तरीकों से संक्षिप्त कर सकता है: मुख्य वाक्य और अनुच्छेद मोड।
        एपीए प्रशस्ति पत्र जेनरेटर: हजारों प्रारूपों के साथ आसानी से पूर्ण और इन-टेक्स्ट उद्धरण बनाएं।
        उपयोगकर्ता मार्गदर्शिका: में टूल सुविधाओं, डेमो वीडियो और सीखने और लिखने के लिए संबंधित ब्लॉगों पर संक्षिप्त और स्पष्ट ट्यूटोरियल शामिल हैं।
      • QuillBot: Library is providing a trial premium access to an academic writing AI platform useful to all – whether you write emails, essays, case studies, blogs or projects. It has foll. features
        Grammar Checker: Correct Grammar, Spell Check, Check Punctuation, Correct A Multitude of Grammatical Errors
        Paraphraser: QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool helps rewrite and enhance any sentence, paragraph, or article for fluency using AI.
        Summarizer: QuillBot’s summarizer can condense articles, papers, or documents down to the key points instantly in two ways: key sentences and paragraph mode.
        APA Citation Generator: Easily create full and in-text citations with thousands of formats
        User Guide: consists of short and crisp tutorials on tool features, demo videos, and related blogs for learning and writing.

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