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Development Communication & Extension (DCE) – old

Development Communication & Extension (DCE)

The Department was established in the year 1964 as Rural Community Extension under the aegis of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Government of India and was later taken over by the University of Delhi. The course was restructured and the nomenclature Development Communication and Extension came into being in 2007.

The students are trained to be experts in understanding behaviour change communication and developing media and methodologies for the same. The curriculum is designed to build theoretical and conceptual understanding as well as practical skills in participatory methods and techniques. Students are oriented to issues and techniques of advocacy as well as training in methodologies for capacity building and skill development of different stakeholder groups. They also develop proficiency in developing a range of media products both for the commercial and grassroots sector. These include, radio programmes, digital stories, documentary films along with designing a range of print and graphic media.

Understanding of the potential and use of Information and Communication Technologies for One of the pillars of the department is its strong extension programme, which is built into every course at the PG level. Theoretical and practical training is provided to all the students. Over the years the department has evolved a multi-faceted extension programme, that helps provide experiential learning and holistic training to the DCE post graduates to address the larger issues facing people of different communities. Field experiences are provided to students in diverse ways which include- concurrent field work programme in urban and rural communities; month long placement in development organizations, Government departments and or corporate organizations.
For undertaking its extension and concurrent activities the department collaborates with a number of agencies. Synergy of different organizations strengthens the community activities as well as provides a broad based exposure to students to the agencies and issues involved in development.

The key thrust areas of the department are thus:

  • Participatory Communications
  • Social Mobilization
  • Research-qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Social & Behaviour Change Communication
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Fundraising & Resource Mobilization
  • CSR

Roshni – Centre for Women Collectives Led Social Action is housed in the Department of Development Communication and Extension, Lady Irwin College. The Centre functions as a semi-autonomous centre governed by the administration and governing body norms of Lady Irwin College, as per University Grant Commission norms. The seed grant to start the centre has been provided by UNICEF India. The Centre team is a Chairperson (Director, Lady Irwin College), a Faculty Lead (Permanent Faculty of Department of Development Communication and Extension, Lady Irwin College) and team of Consultants (on contractual basis) and development partners. The Centre has been serving as technical support unit to DAY-NRLM for knowledge management, policy and convening support for food, nutrition, health, family planning, gender-transformative work and WASH interventions with and for women self-help groups and their federation network under DAY-NRLM. The Centre is now diversifying its portfolio in media documentation (print, film, social media) works around maternal nutrition efforts with women collectives and initiating a nested evaluation in UNICEF supported initiative Swabhimaan across 3 Indian states in following two areas – (a) engaging men and boys for working with boys and men on issues related to Patriarchy, femission and power and legal rights of women and (b) working with adolescent boys and girls on mental health aspects, addressing child marriage and child pregnancy.


Develop understanding and skills in culturally appropriate behavior change communication and extension strategies for promoting gender equity, social inclusion and sustainable development.


The Department of Development Communication and Extension strives to train a cadre of professionals to work as development practitioners and researchers. The Department curriculum provides strong theoretical foundations and experiential learning to meet the existing market demands for trained professionals in participatory development processes and communication.


With an objective to build capacities of the women to catalyse the development processes for change and capitalizing on the communication techniques learnt, the department of Development Communication & Extension aims at reaching out to the grassroots and the vulnerable to enable them. To create effective development practitioners, the key components of the curriculum are- advocacy for policy and behaviour change communication; design, monitoring and evaluation of development programmes and initiatives; and training and capacity building of different stakeholders involved in the development process.
The research focus of the Department is on development concerns, advocacy and communication for sustainable social change. The other important areas of research are gender, media monitoring, audience segmentation and responses, new media technologies as well as analysis of national flagship programmes. Master’s students are guided to take up independent empirical research and write a dissertation as part of their academic programme. The Department has endeavoured to explore participatory methodologies and innovative techniques in research.

Time Table

For Time Table, please view the Time Table Page


Prof. Archna Kumar
Ms. Sudha Sachdeva
Assistant Professor
Prof. Sarita Anand
Prof. Aparna Khanna
Prof. Rupa Upadhyay
Dr. Ruchi Kaushik
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sunaina Batra
Assistant Professor
Dr. Kiran Chauhan
Assistant Professor
Dr. Parboti Prasad Raout
Assistant Professor
Mr. Akash Dewangan
Assistant Professor
Dr. Masot Zingkhai
Assistant Professor
Dr. Naaz Bano
Assistant Professor
Mr. Diwakar Dubey
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sunil Kumar
Assistant Professor (Mass Communication)
Dr. Kanki Hazarika
Assistant Professor

Non-Teaching Staff Names of Non-Teaching Staff DCE
1 Abid Hussain
2 Bhajan Singh
3 Kamal Choudhary
4 Madan
5 Ram Singh
6 Sudesh Kumari
7 Sumit Verma
8 Vinod Dabas
9 Vinod Sisodia

Awards, Honors and Recognitions

Awards, Honors and Recognitions Years
Dr. Aparna Khanna and Ms. Arushi Srivastava

• Awarded certificate of appreciation to Aparna Khanna and Arushi Srivastava for best poster presentation titled ”Role of Mohalla Clinics in providing primary healthcare: A study in Delhi” in International Conference organized by Home Science Association of India, (Kerela) in February 2021.

Dr. Archna Kumar

• HERBERT I. SCHILLER AWARD Best paper award “Communication Processes, Community Mobilization and Normative Shifts: Learnings from Video Volunteers’ India Unheard Program” for joint paper of Pooja Ichplani, Archna Kumar, Rupa Upadhyay and Jessica Mayberry presented by IAMCR (International Association of Media & Communication Research Madrid Spain)

• Invited Resource Person for professional development workshop for Faculty Teaching SBCC courses from various departments in colleges & Universities o Participatory Processes & SBCC, Monitoring & Evaluation of SBCC programs, 27-29th Nov 2019.

• Invited Expert, Most Significant Change Technique for M&E of Development Programmes for Technical Session Evaluation Methodologies: Innovations and Experiments at EvalFest 2020: Evidence Building for Achieving SDGs – Digital Development and Inclusion on 13th February, 2020 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India.

• Invited Expert, Using the MSC Technique Innovations Bazaar session EvalFest 2020: Evidence Building for Achieving SDGs – Digital Development and Inclusion on 14th February 2020.

• Invited Speaker, Guest Faculty, Paper Setter & Examiner for a 3 part Lecture Series on: Communication concept & Principles, Communication Models, Participatory Communications & Community Media at Indian Institute of Mass Communication for Training of Probationary Officers, Indian Information Service, from 21st January to 3rd February, 2020

• Invited/ Paper selected for presentation at Madrid 2019, Community Media and Micro foundations of Shift, by A. Kumar & S. Anand, Joint session of Participatory Communication & Research & Community Communications & Alternative media section of IAMCR International Conference, 10th July 2019.


Dr. Sarita Anand

• Young Scientist Award by Home Science Association of India during its Biennial Conference in January 2020 awarded to PhD student for a research paper Singhal, Anshul and Anand, Sarita (2020), Young women are leading the change: An Appraisal of Conditional Cash Transfer Scheme Promoting Survival and Education of Girls.

• Best Paper Award, Zingkhai, M and Anand, S, Women Food Vendors of Tribal Manipur: Small Scale Agricultural Marketing, National Workshop on Gender Issues and Atma Nirbhar in Agriculture Paper presented at National Workshop on Gender Issues and Atma Nirbhar in Agriculture2020, October IDP-NAHEP Central Agricultural University, Imphal.

• Judge, Mid-Career Award Competition of the Home Science Association of India, during its Biennial Conference in January 2020.


Dr. Aparna Khanna

• Received best paper award, Sharma, A. & Khanna, A. (2020), for paper titled, “Mobile phone applications addressing mental health issues and concerns of college going girls: A study in Delhi- NCR” at JTACON-2020.



• L-84913/2019, Anxiety- Know and Recognise, Floor Game, 26/08/2019

• L-84914/201, Depression- Know and Recognise, Floor Game, 26/08/2019

• L-84915/2019, O.C.D.- Know and Recognise, Floor Game, 26/08/2019

• L-84916/2019, Mental Illnesses- Know and Recognise, Floor Game, 26/08/2019

• L-84917/2019, Mental Health Problems in Children Floor Game, 26/08/2019

• L-84918/2019, Schizophrenia- Know and Recognise, Floor Game, 26/08/2019

• L-84919/2019, Bipolar Disorder- Know and Recognise, Floor Game, 26/08/2019

• L-84920/2019, Substance Abuse & Addiction, Floor Game, 26/08/2019

• L-87198/2019, Mental Illnesses- Know and Recognise, Information Booklet, 21/11/2019

• L-90147/2020, Mansik Rog – Jaane Aur Pehchaane Information Booklet, 05/03/2020


Dr. Rupa Upadhyay

• HERBERT I. SCHILLER AWARD Best paper award “Communication Processes, Community Mobilization and Normative Shifts: Learnings from Video Volunteers’ India Unheard Program” for joint paper of Pooja Ichplani, Archna Kumar, Rupa Upadhyay and Jessica Mayberry presented by IAMCR(International Association of Media & Communication Research Madrid Spain).

• Best paper presentation award at the International Seminar on Socio-Cultural Study of Agriculture organized by Mata Sundri College for Women, University of Delhi.


Dr. Shweta Anand

• Awarded the ‘Best Oral Presentation Award’ for the paper titled “Handholding the chords of change: Zeroing on the power of Participation and Participatory Communication in Empowerment, Case of Henvalvani Community Radio, Uttarakhand” in the 33rd Biennial Conference of Home Science Association of India (HSAI) on Trends for Futuristic Development in Home Science: Research & Innovation from 22nd to 24th January 2020.

• Invited as a Resource Person for Online Faculty Development Programme on “Using Effective Tools (Software) for Social Sciences Research” organized by Amity School of Liberal Arts, Amity University Haryana on 25th April 2020.

• Invited as a Member of Jury Panel at Anveshan – 2020 (AIU North Student Research Convention) organized by Amity University and Association of Indian Universities from 16th -17th January 2020.


Ms. Umang Chauhan

• Best paper presentation award at the International Seminar on Socio-Cultural Study of Agriculture organized by Mata Sundri College for Women, University of Delhi.

Researches / Projects


Dr. Sarita Anand

• Vibha Gupta, PhD student (Dr Anupa Siddhu and Dr. Sarita Anand) 4A’s Jay Chiat Awards (Global), 2018: Gold for case study titled: Immunity Charm, Ministry of Public Health, Afghanistan.

• Vibha Gupta, PhD student (Dr Anupa Siddhu and Dr. Sarita Anand) WARC Awards (Asia Pacific), 2019: Silver in the category Effective use of brand purpose for brand Harpic, case study titled: Harpic – India’s newest matchmaker.

• Vibha Gupta, PhD student (Dr Anupa Siddhu and Dr. Sarita Anand) India Effe 2019: Bronze for brand Harpic, case study titled: Making India Toilet Proud.


Dr. Rupa Upadhyay

• Awarded best oral presentation Chauhan, U., Tomar, D. & Upadhyay, R. (2019). Problems of marginal and small women farmers: A study in Tehri district, Uttrakhand. International Seminar on Socio- Cultural Study of Agriculture, Mata Sundari College, University of Delhi, March, 15- 16.


Dr. Aparna Khanna

• Awarded with Prof. Indira Parikh 50 Women in Education Leaders Award by World Education Congress, 5th July, 2018


Dr. Sarita Anand

• Awarded certificate of appreciation for oral presentation to Sunaina Batra and Sarita Anand for paper titled “Innovating incentives to safeguard maternal health: A study in Haryana”, at HSAI 23rd Biennial Conference held from 1st Feb to 3rd Feb, 2018 at College of Home Science, MPUAT, Udaipur (Rajasthan).

• Awarded 1st prize for Poster presentation for masters research, “School Environment and Incentives shape the aspirations of Young Girls: Case of Government schools of Delhi” by Manchanda, P. & Anand, S. at HSAI 23rd Biennial Conference held from 1st Feb to 3rd Feb, 2018 at College of Home Science, MPUAT, Udaipur (Rajasthan).

• Awarded 1st prize for Poster presentation for PhD research, “Women Food Vendors in Tribal Manipur: Augmenting Family Income And Food Availability” by Masot, Z. & Anand, S. at HSAI 23rd Biennial Conference held from 1st Feb to 3rd Feb, 2018 at College of Home Science, MPUAT, Udaipur (Rajasthan)


Dr. Sunaina Batra

• Awarded certificate of appreciation for oral presentation to Sunaina Batra and Sarita Anand for paper titled “Innovating incentives to safeguard maternal health: A study in Haryana”, at HSAI 23rd Biennial Conference held from 1st Feb to 3rd Feb, 2018 at College of Home Science, MPUAT, Udaipur (Rajasthan).


Ms. Richa Dheer

• Achieved “Best Oral Presentation Award for paper entitled- Gendering of Urban Spaces and Perceptions about Personal Safety: A Study of Women Students in Delhi Colleges” in 23rd Biennial Conference of Home Science Association of India 2018 (Udaipur Chapter)


Dr. Kiran Chauhan

Senior Reviewer Certificate by The International Academic Forum, Japan (2017).


Dr. Aparna Khanna

• Panelists in the session titled ‘Achievements, opportunities and challenges in implementing the SBCC curriculum platform in India’ at a pre conference workshop facilitated by UNICEF on Enhancing Capacities on Communication for Social and Behavioral Change (SBCC): Global and local experiences on curriculum development and applications in the field during the International Conference organized by IAMCR and University of Hyderabad, 15th July 2014.

• Awarded the Distinguished Faculty Award for her exemplary service to teaching and community work with adolescents vulnerable to substance abuse and in conflict with law. The award was given at the International Education and Leadership Summit by Indo Global Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (Pune, India) on March 15, 2015.


Ms. Swati Kwatra (Adhoc)

• Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence Kwatra S, Pandey S, & Sharma S, Understanding public knowledge and awareness on e-waste in an urban setting in India: A case study for Delhi, Management of Environmental Quality, Vol. 25 No. 6, 2014, pp.752-765, ISSN: 14777835


Placement & Internship

The department has valuable linkages with various government, developmental organizations including Non-Government organizations (NGOs) and bilateral organizations, media houses and even corporate organizations. With an endeavour to provide hands-on learning and refining professional skill set, the department facilitates internships for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Every year the post graduate students carry out their summer internships during the month of June-July in different development, media and corporate organisations. Later in the semester the students present their work experience and learning outcomes before the faculty and personnel from these organisations. Several organizations where our post graduate students have done internship in last few years are as follows:

Year List of Interning organizations
2016-2017 Centre for Health & Social Justice

The Energy & Research Institute (TERI)

Project HOPE



National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation

Chetna NGO

Swades Foundation

All India Radio, Manipur

BSS (Balajee Sewa Sansthan)

Research in Action- Voluntary Teachers Project Ranchi

Door Step School

2017-2018 Azad Foundation

IPLM Secretariat – NASSCOM Foundation

Safai Karamchari Andolan and School for Democracy


MASH project


Care India

Action India

Voices of Ganga – From Gangotri to Haridwar

Shayog Care for you












Ganga Project

Humboldt State University- Rural Youth Volunteers of India


Swach Bharat Abhiyan




Magic Bus

John Hopkins

IPLM Secretariat- Nasscom Foundation

Vindhya Foundation


2019-2020 Michigan State University

Citizenship Development Society

Azad Foundation

Digital Empowerment Foundation


Project HOPE

New Concept


The Naz Foundation India Trust

Ernst & Young

The postgraduate students of the department have a couple of jobs to choose from. An encouraging trend of even having 2 to 3 jobs to choose from has been observed each year.The following table presents the organizations where our students have been placed during the past years.

Year Employer Organization (Placement)
2014-15 ACORN Canada

Bosch India Limited

Evalueserve Pvt. Ltd.

Azad Foundation

Ministry of Health and Family welfare

2015-16 Goonj

TARSHI (Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues)



Azad Foundation

Institute of Home Economics


2016-17 Praxis

Sesame Workshop India


Bajaj alliance ltd

John Hopkins University- Centre for Communication program

Development alternatives

Project HOPE

2017-18 FICCI

PHD Chambers of Commerce


Development alternatives



2018-19 ARPAN


Mind Specialists

Piramal Healthcare

ZMQ Development

Distinguished Alumna

  • Aditi Puri, Project Co-ordinator, USAID
  • Alka Malhotra, Communication for Development Specialist, UNICEF
  • Anika Badyal, Senior Manager, Client Solutions CR, The Nielsen Company, New Delhi
  • Anu Sachdeva, Entrepreneur, The Change Designers
  • Arpana Luthara, Regional Program Development Director (Asia), Juárez & Associates Bhumika Jhamb: Project Officer – Gender Responsive Budgeting at UN Women
  • Charu Garg, Program Manager, Noida Deaf Society, UP
  • Heena Bijli, Associate Professor at Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • Kalpana Twakley, Associate Programme Officer, UNHCR
  • Kameshwari Moorthy, Deputy Director, IGNOU, Regional Centre.
  • Manjari Sharma, Green Peace, Bangaluru, Karnataka
  • Monika Wason, Principal Scientist, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi
  • Mridula Seth, Former Technical Advisor, Adolescents and Youth, UNFPA & Retired Faculty, Lady Irwin College
  • Poonam Sharma, Managing Director, Headway, Coop Resources Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pragati Bhalla, Assistant Professor, Department of Development Comm- unication, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi
  • Priya Kumar, CSR Trainer, BOSCH, Delhi
  • Rachita Malik, Communication Officer, UNICEF Delhi
  • Ranjita Wadhwa Buti, Associate Fellow, TERI Action Programme
  • Rekha Bhagat, Director, Division of Agricultural Extension, IARI, PUSA.
  • Renu Rawat, PHD Chambers of Commerce, Delhi
  • Ridhi Krishen, Thompson Press, Delhi
  • Rita Punhani, Deputy Director, NIPCCD
  • Ruchira Arunkant Gujral, Head CSR, UNICEF India
  • Sakshi Saini, Society for Participatory Research in Asia, Delhi
  • Sheena Chhabra, Chief HSD, USAID, Delhi
  • Shikha Wadhwa, Administrative Specialist, UNICEF, Jaipur
  • Shipra Krishnan, Manager Aggregation, Development Alternatives, Delhi
  • Sonali Nagpal, Coordinator, CARE India.
  • Suriti Sachdeva, Research Associate, Vimarsh Development Solutions, Delhi
  • Sushmita Mukherjee, Director, Restless Development, Delhi
  • Swarcha Devgon, Unicharm, Delhi

Annual Calendar

Month/Date Activity
July-August 2020 Webinar Series 1
September 2020 Workshop (Series 1) on Technical Writing for M.Sc (F)
September 2020 Workshop (Series 2) on Library e-resources Orientation for M.Sc (F)
September 2020 Department Founders Day
October 2020 Research Proposal Presentation by M.Sc. (F)
October 2020 Research Proposal Presentation by M.Sc. (F) for Dept. Technical Review Board
October 2020 Webinar by Expert (Series 3) on Technical Writing & Research Designs for M.Sc (F)
October 2020 Pratibimb- Film Appreciation Club’s Screening
November 2020 Virtual Rally
November 2020 Orientation Programme for M.Sc. (P)
November 2020 Seminar (Technical Writing) Presentations
November 2020 Internship Report Presentation by M.Sc. (F)
29th December, 2020 – 1st January 2021 Winter break
January 2021 Webinar Series 2
January 2021 Post Graduate Orientation Programme
February 2021 Raushani Deshpande Memorial Lecture
February 2021 Technical Seminar & Alumna Meet (Under LEHAR Alumna Collective)
February 2021 Pratibimb- Film Appreciation Club’s Screening
March 2021 Virtual Yuva Shakti Mela
24th March-30th March 2021 Mid semester break
April 2021 Dissertation Submission

Departmental Activities

  1. Orientation Programme
  2. Department Founder’s Day
  3. Taskforce Meet
  4. Annual Symposium on Sustainable Development
  5. National Innovation Day
  6. Raushni Deshpande Memorial Oration
  7. First South Asian Conference 2020 on Sustainability
  8. Educational Visits and Trips
  • Training of Trainers program ‘Engaging Men and Boys for promoting Gender Equity’ in collaboration with ROSHNI Centre The postgraduate students of the department took active part in a three-day event held on 20th, 21st, and 23rd August 2019.
  • Workshop on Wall Writing A wall writing workshop was organized for undergraduate and postgraduate students of the department on 15th October 2019 in Seth Ram Lal Hall. Mr. Yogesh Saini, a wall artist and founder of Delhi Street Art was the resource person for the workshop
  • Genderlogue on Sexual Harassment at workplace Women Power Connect (WPC) organised a two-hour Genderlogue on “Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace and The Sexual Harassment (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013” in the Department on 4th November 2019.
Lectures by Eminent Speakers
  • Lecture by Prof. David H. Mould, University of Ohio
  • Interactive session by Prof Mary Andrew, Michigan State University
  • Lecture by Prof. Murari Suvedi, Michigan State University & Fulbright Research Scholar in
  • South and Central Asia and Prof. P.V.K. Sasidhar, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
  • Lecture by Prof. Arvind Singhal, University of Texas
  • Lecture on CSR & NGOs in India by Ms.Amita Joseph
  • Lecture by Dr. Anjali Capila on ‘Traditional health care practices of women in the Himalayan communities of India: A Qualitative perspective’.
  • Session on Cyber Security by Mr. Rakshit Tandon
  • Webinar on Adobe Spark and Adobe Scan, May 13, 2020
  • Webinar on Development communication and the pandemic- Exploring the potential of Traditional Performing Arts, May 27, 2020
  • Webinar on Domestic Violence during the COVID Pandemic, May 29, 2020
  • Webinar on Climate Change Crisis and Voicing Solutions through Online Campaigning May 30, 2020
  • Webinar on The Paradox of Media Landscape: Reel Meets real – I May 31, 2020
  • Webinar on The Paradox of Media Landscape: Reel Meets real – I June 1, 2020
  • Webinar on Gender based violence: Media and Mindsets June 5, 2020

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Research & Publications

Ongoing Research Projects
  1. Responsive Parenting project Development of Resource Kit for frontline workers on Responsive Parenting for 3-6 yr old children. Funded by UNICEF, India
    Faculty Member(s) – Dr. Archna Kumar, Dr Aparna Khanna & Ms Arushi Srivastava
  2. ROSHNI, Centre of Women Collectives led Social Action, A Technical Support Unit to National Rural Livelihood Mission, Ministry of Rural Development supported by UNICEF, India.
    Faculty Member(s) – Dr. Sarita Anand
Completed projects
  1. Research for State of the World Children Report, India Chapter, published and funded by UNICEF, New York office.Faculty Member(s) – Dr. Sarita Anand
    Duration – July 2019-September 2019
  2.  Enhancing Voter’s Awareness- Development of Electoral Literacy Tool Kit for Chunav Pathshalas and Electoral Literacy Clubs in India, funded by Election Commission of India.
    Faculty Member(s) – Dr. Aparna Khanna
    Duration – 2018-20
  3. Rural youth volunteers in India, funded by US Mission in India and Humboldt State University.
    Faculty Member(s) – Dr. Sarita Anand, Dr Anupa Siddhu, Dr Archna Kumar, Dr Aparna Khanna
    Duration – January – September 2018
  4. Qualitative Mapping of Gender Dimensions in Managing Small Holder Peri-Urban Dairy Farms in India – A Multi-stakeholder Perspective with PHFI-ILRI India Research Initiative on Peri-urban Human-Animal Environment Interface
    Faculty Member(s) – Dr. Sarita Anand
    Duration – 2015
  5. Community radio & Hill women’s participation in health communication, funded by International Federation of Home Economics US
    Faculty Member(s) – Dr. Archna Kumar
    Duration – 2012-15

Check DCE Research & Publication Document for the complete list

Published/Edited Books
  1. Ram, HH., Upadhyay, R., Dubey, RK., & Mandal, BC. (2017). Vegetable Seed Production: Principles and Practices. New Delhi: Kalyani Publishing House. ISBN: 978-93-272-8264-1.
  2. Anand, S. & Kumar, A (2016). Dynamics of Human Communication. New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan Pvt Limited. ISBN: 978-81-250-6325-4.
Published Book Chapters
  1. Anand, S & Singhal, A. (2020). Promoting Gender Equality: Policy and Action for Ensuring Survival and Education for the Girl child, Ed book titled “Women and Diversity” Serial Publishing House, Delhi, ISBN 978-93-88892-79-7
  2. Anand, S. & Kumar, A. (2020). Handholding the chords of change: Zeroing on the power of Participation and Participatory Communication in Empowerment, Case of Henvalvani Community Radio, Uttarakhand. In N. Vasugi, S. Rajalakshmi, T.Radha, M. Kasthuri & R. Arunachalam (Eds.), Women Led Empowerment (1st., pp. 142-149). Coimbatore: Shanga Verlag. ISBN 978-93-85604-14-0.
  3. Khanna, A. Sharma, A and Srivastava. A. (2020). Women & Diversity: Preparing Women to Lead in National Development. International Books & Periodical Supply Service. ISBN: 978-93-88892-79-7, E-ISBN: 978-93-88892-80-3
  4. Khanna, A. (2020). Belief in the Ballot. Election Commission of India. 189-193. ISBN 978-81-230-3240-5 ECI-ENG-OP-119-2019-20.

Chauhan, U., Tomar, D. & Upadhyay, R. (2020). Problems of marginal & small women farmers: A study in Tehri district, Uttarakhand. Socio-Cultural Study of Agriculture. ISBN: 978-93-87253-62-9.

Check DCE Research & Publication Document for the complete list

Published Papers in Journals
  1. Jain, B. & Khanna, A. (2020). Stress at Workplace: A Study of Youth working in the Corporate Sector. Studies in Indian Place Names (UGC Care Journal), ISSN 2394-3114, 40(10), 1432-1436
  2. Kwatra, S., Sharma, P. & Kumar, A. (2020) A critical review of studies related to construction and computation of Sustainable Development Indices, Ecological Indicators, Elsevier BV, Open Access ISSN: 1470160X, 112(112) DOI10.1016/j.ecolind.2019.106061
  3. Sain, S., & Khanna, A. (2020). Training Needs Assessment: Importance and Relevance. Studies in Indian Place Names, 40(10), 1047-1053. (UGC Approved)
  4. Sharma, A., & Khanna, A. (2020). Mobile Phone Applications addressing the Mental Health Issues and Concerns of College-going Girls. Studies in Indian Place Names, 40(10), 798-803. (UGC Approved)
  5. Sharma, R., Shukla, A., Sriram, D., Ramakrishnan, V., Kalaan, M. & Kumar, A. (2020) Understanding the sociality of child marriage, Development in Practice Publisher Taylor & Francis , Volume 30, 2020 – Issue 5, Pages 645-659,, ISSN: 0961-4524

Check DCE Research & Publication Document for the complete list of papers

Papers presented in Seminar/conference/workshops/training
  1. Anand, S. (2020) ‘Gender and Patriarchy’ Delivered lecture as a Resource Person for Women Development Centre of Rajasthan University, Jan 2020.
  2. Anand, S. (2020) Delivered a lecture for a National Webinar titled ‘Gender Asymmetries and Nutrition’ organized by Council of Home Science. Extension and Communication
  3. Chauhan, U. & Upadhyay, R. (2020). Presented a research paper entitled “Problems of Marginal and Small Women Farmers: A study in Tehri district, Uttarakhand” at International Seminar on Socio-Cultural Study of Agriculture organized by Mata Sundri College for Women, University of Delhi.
  4. Gupta, V. and Anand, S. (2020) Hand washing hot buttons: A barrier & influencer study among rural primary school children in Ballabhgarh, India. International Association for Media and Communication Research, IAMCR, Tampere University.
  5. Khanna, A. (2020). Games for Engaging Conversations on COVID19 as Resource Person at 3rd Webinar series organized by Institute of Media Studies, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Check DCE Research & Publication Document for the complete list of papers

M.Sc. Dissertations
1 Role of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna: A study in Mahendargarh, Haryana Aditi Sharma Dr. Rupa Upadhyay
2 “Environmental Degradation and College Attending Youth: Assessing their Knowledge and Practices” Aditi Verma Dr. Sarita Anand
3 Menstrual Hygiene Management apps and young unmarried women of Delhi Bhavna Gourishanker Verma Dr. Swati Kwatra
4 Analysis of Smartphone Application and Communications About Air Pollution Bhumika Anand Dr. Archna Kumar
5 Pandemic Communication on Mental Health during COVID-19: A Case Study of My Gov Corona Hub Facebook page Dileesha Dr. Aparna Khanna
6.  Work Life Balance among women college teachers: A study in Delhi NCR  Dimple  Dr. Ruchi Gaur 
7.  Role of Urban Women in Household Food Security: A comparative study of working and non-working women   Garima Dr. Rupa Upadhyay 
8 Cause Related Marketing Campaigns: Perceptions of Young Professionals Harina Kaur Oberoi Dr. Archna Kumar
9 Feminist Identity of Young Urban Women of Delhi: An Analysis  Lakshmi Dr. Sarita Anand
10.  Use of traditional medicinal plants for reproductive health by Thadou-Kuki women: An exploratory study Lunneichong Kipgen Dr. Shweta Anand and Dr. Sarita anand
11 User Experience  of agriculture based mobile applications: A study in Karnal Haryana Medha Saxena  Dr. Rupa Upadhyay 
12 Green Technology in Agriculture: A study in Sohna block, Haryana Meenakshi Bhardwaj Dr. Shweta Singh

Dr. Rupa Upadhyay

13.  Aspirations of young undergraduate women for higher education: A study in Kangra, Himachal pradesh  Neha kumari  Dr. Ruchi Gaur 
14 Use of Persuasion Techniques by Female Micro Instagram Influencers: An Appraisal Pooja Dr. Sunaina Batra
15 Digital literacy assessment of school children in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand Renu Airy Dr. Archna Kumar and Dr. Kiran Chauhan
16 Deconstructing the Notion of Feminism amongst Young Urban Men Riddhi Dr. Sarita Anand
17 Negotiating COVID-19 Pandemic: Experiences of Traditional Media Practitioners Shruti V Dr. Aparna Khanna
18 Awareness and Management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) by Urban Young Women Tanya Dr. Aparna Khanna
19 Role of Social Media Advertising and Sustainable Consumption: A study in Delhi Tulika Singh Ms. Sweta Suman
20 Effects of COVID- 19 Pandemic on the Lives of Women Domestic Workers in Delhi- NCR Vaishali Dr. Archna Kumar
21 Retelecast of Mythology Shows during the Pandemic: Perception of Delhi’s Youth Varda Hameed Dr. Sunaina Batra

Check DCE Research & Publication Document for previous years

Ph D Thesis

List of PhD Research – Awarded

S.No. Title Name of Scholar Name of Supervisor Year of Award
1 Development of a Behaviour Change Communication Strategy to Promote Nutritional and Menstrual Health Care Practices among Underprivileged Adolescent Girls (14-19 years) Ms Shreya Rastogi Dr Aparna Khanna 2020-2021
2 Community Radio & Women’s participation in health communications Dr. Shweta Anand Dr. Archna Kumar 2020-21
3 An Appraisal of conditional Cash Transfer   Ensuring the survival of girl child in Delhi: An appraisal Conditional Cash Transfer scheme LADLI Dr  Anshul Singhal Dr. Sarita Anand 2019-20
4 Development and Assessment of National and Regional Sustainability: A multi-pronged approach in the Indian context Dr Swati Kwatra Prof. Prateek Sharma

Dr. Archna Kumar

5 Information Communication Technology for Development Dr  Aparna Moitra Dr. Archna Kumar

Dr. Aaditeshwar Seth

6 Mapping Communitisation of Health Care System at the Village Level: An Exploratory Study Dr  Neha Sharma Dr. Sarita Anand 2018-19
7 Communication Interventions & Neonatal Health: An Evaluation of Neonatal Health Campaign in Faridabad District Dr  Hanspria Dr. Archna Kumar

Dr. Anand Krishnan

8 Women’s Reproductive Health Behaviour and Socio Cultural Determinants: A Study among Urban Poor Dr  Radhika Mutreja Dr. Geeta Katarya 2017-18
9 Depiction of Women’s Empowerment in Hindi Cinema – An Analysis (2002-2012) Dr  Kiran Chauhan Dr. Anjali Capila 2014-15
10 Participatory Community Radio: Exploring the institutional & Civil Society initiatives in India, Nepal & Sri Lanka Dr  Suchi Gaur Dr. Sarita Anand

Dr. Anupa Siddhu

11 Impact of Social Security Measures on Empowerment of Women: An Appraisal of Women Participating in NREGS Dr  Bhumika Jhamb Dr. Archna Kumar

Dr. Anupa Siddhu

12 Volunteers among Youth: A Study of National Services Volunteers Dr  Raina Aggrawal Dr. Archna Kumar 2014-15
13 Promoting Safe Motherhood through Delivery Huts under NRHM: An Appraisal Dr  Sunaina Batra Dr. Sarita Anand 2014-15

Check DCE Research & Publication Document for Submitted and Ongoing Research


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